What is a Virtual Consultation?

A virtual consultation allows you to connect with me, and my extended healthcare team through video technology. Whether you know it as a remote visit, telehealth, or online care, our goal remains the same—to meet face-to-face, albeit virtually. Using your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, we’ll engage in real-time conversations where we can both see and hear each other, just as if we were in the same room.

How Can Virtual Consultations Benefit You?

Virtual consultations save you the time and effort of traveling to see me. This means you can receive quality medical advice without leaving the comfort of your home, even if you need to discuss test results that were conducted nearby or if you find yourself far from our London base. This approach not only spares you travel time but also minimizes disruptions to your life while ensuring continuous and comprehensive follow-up care.

What Services Can I Offer Remotely?

Please get in touch to discuss the range of care available through remote consultations. While treatments like radiotherapy require your presence at a treatment centre, many aspects of your care can be managed online, including:

·  Initial consultations if travel is challenging for you.

·  Second opinions on diagnoses or treatment plans.

·  Follow-up discussions about test results, treatment side effects, or new symptoms.

·  Consultations with specialists in talking therapies or dietetics following my referral.

Are There Limitations to Remote Appointments?

Certain procedures still require in-person visits, including:

·  Blood tests, though results can be reviewed during a virtual visit

·  Imaging tests, which I can be arranged to be acquired locally to you, with follow-up discussions held online

·  Radiotherapy, and chemotherapy or immunotherapy infusions

Preparing for Your First Remote Appointment

As a new patient, gathering your medical history is essential for tailoring your care. Prior to your appointment, please prepare:

-  Medical reports and test results

-  Pathology slides from any biopsies or surgeries

-  Results from recent imaging scans

-  Details of any previous cancer treatments

-  A comprehensive list of your symptoms and all medications you are currently taking

-  Your medical insurance details, if applicable

Our initial conversation will closely mirror the discussions we would have in person, with the same attention to your healthcare needs. Should there be a necessity for an in-person consultation, we will identify and discuss it during our video call.

We look forward to providing you with top-tier medical care in a manner that prioritises your convenience and accessibility. Please don't hesitate to reach out to start your journey to better health with us, virtually.


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Global Access to Care

One of the advantages of virtual consultations is their global reach. No matter where you are in the world, you can access my specialist oncology services from the comfort of your own home. This is particularly beneficial if you're seeking expert medical advice or a second opinion from a UK-based specialist like myself. We ensure that geographical boundaries do not limit your options for high-quality cancer care, providing you with the support and expertise you need, whenever and wherever you need it. We will be able to help you access the best care that London has to offer and answer any questions you may have before traveling to the UK for treatment.

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