Proton Beam Therapy for Lung Cancer


Proton International at UCLH

Proton beam therapy stands as one of the most cutting-edge cancer treatment technologies globally, yet its availability remains limited in many parts of the world. 

Proton International at UCLH is the only private proton facility in the UK and I'm proud to be able to offer this highly precise lung cancer treatment here  alongside our team of world-class radiographers, physicists and dedicated customer service professionals.

Proton therapy for lung cancer

Proton therapy has shown promising outcomes in various studies, demonstrating excellent survival rates, local control, and reduced toxicity compared to conventional radiotherapy. Evidence supports its efficacy in non-small cell lung cancer - additionally, proton therapy may offer significant benefits in reducing toxicity, especially for patients with pre-existing conditions such as pulmonary fibrosis or heart disease.

Locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer

For locally advanced NSCLC, proton therapy presents an opportunity to improve locoregional control while minimising treatment-related toxicity, particularly concerning cardiac and lung doses. Ongoing clinical trials aim to further evaluate its efficacy and overall survival benefits.

Proton therapy for thymoma

Proton therapy offers a safe alternative for post-operative treatment of thymic tumours, particularly in young patients. Reducing the volume of tissue receiving radiation, could minimise the risk of secondary malignancies and cardiovascular complications associated with conventional radiotherapy.

I have a particular interest in the treatment of thymoma. When it comes to rare cancers like thymoma, selecting an oncologist who treats patients with this condition regularly is essential. Repetition builds pattern recognition, making something rare routine.

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