Cyberknife for Lung Cancer

What is CyberKnife?

CyberKnife is an advanced form of radiation therapy specifically designed to target and treat lung cancer with unparalleled precision. Using state-of-the-art robotics and real-time imaging, CyberKnife delivers highly accurate radiation to tumours while sparing healthy surrounding tissues.

Comfort and Convenience

One of the key advantages of CyberKnife treatment is its non-invasive nature, offering patients a comfortable and convenient experience. Unlike traditional radiation therapy, CyberKnife increases your comfort during treatment by being able to treat with the arms in a comfortable position and lying on soft, foam pad. This allows you to relax during treatment.

Treatment During Free Breathing

CyberKnife's unique ability to track and adjust for tumour movement during free breathing sets it apart from other treatment options. This means you can breathe naturally during treatment, while CyberKnife dynamically adapts to ensure precise targeting of the tumour. Notably, CyberKnife effectively reduces the volume of normal lung tissue receiving radiation, minimising potential side effects and preserving lung function.

Advantages of CyberKnife for Lung Cancer

Pinpoint Accuracy:

CyberKnife delivers radiation with submillimetre precision, precisely targeting lung tumours while minimizing damage to healthy tissues.


With no incisions or anesthesia required, CyberKnife treatment is comfortable and minimally disruptive for patients.

Customized Treatment:

Each CyberKnife treatment plan is tailored to the individual patient's anatomy and tumour characteristics, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Short Treatment Course:

Unlike traditional radiation therapy, CyberKnife typically requires fewer treatment sessions, allowing you to get back to your daily routine sooner.

Reduction in Side Effects:

By sparing healthy tissues from radiation, CyberKnife helps reduce the risk of side effects commonly associated with traditional radiation therapy.

High Success Rates:

Clinical studies have demonstrated excellent tumor control rates and long-term outcomes with CyberKnife treatment for lung cancer.

Where can I receive CyberKnife for primary lung cancer for for metastatic disease?’

Dr James Wilson treats people using CyberKnife at The London Clinic. Your CyberKnife treatment will be supervised by Dr James Wilson, renowned oncology consultant, along with an expert multidisciplinary team. You will also benefit from personalised treatment and care, prioritising your wellbeing and recovery throughout your experience with us.

Reach out today to discover if CyberKnife is the optimal solution for you and embark on your journey to five-star treatment with Dr James Wilson.

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